Veteran-owned Sword & Plough combines fashion with military outreach

Sword & Plough, founded by U.S. Army veteran Emily Nunez Cavness and her sister Betsy Nunez, repurposes military surplus material into durable and fashionable bags that people can use every day. By incorporating veterans into every stage of the business, Sword & Plough empowers veteran employment and helps bridge the civil-military divide.

Sword & Plough is proud to donate a portion of the profits from all Burgundy Wool Crossbody purchases to Purple Hearts Reunited, which is a non-profit organization that returns lost or stolen military medals to veterans and military families at no cost. Through their work, Purple Hearts Reunited returns what is often the last tangible piece of a veteran to his or her family. With your purchase, you help fund the Purple Hearts Reunited service medal return ceremonies, which are an opportunity to share veterans' stories and honor their legacies.

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