'Brother vs. Brother' season 5 premiere: Who won round 1?

At long last, the boys are back on HGTV’s “Brother vs. Brother.”

Jonathan and Drew Scott of "Propery Brothers" fame dusted off their home makeover chops for the start of another competition, the first round of which started in uncharted waters for the duo.

Taking to the seaside town of Galveston, Texas, the 39-year-old siblings were tasked with renovating, selling, and investing $600,000 of their own money into the tricky beach house market in a bout that set the stage for the rest of the season. The first hurdle was picking which homes they would put their respective talents to work on in their inaugural renovation.


Jonathan chose a very outdated single-story home with a lot of potential. All he had to do was almost completely revamp the place structurally, which ended up being a lot more work than he thought.

From raising the ceiling, installing a new glass sliding door, and beefing up its drab 1970s look with a decidedly more modern feel, the single-story was a labor of love for team Jonathan. When it was all said and done, he was $5,000 over budget.

While his brother was trying to make a unique living space for a vacation getaway, Drew was thinking a bit more sophisticated and designed a two-story to be a home office. However, it wasn’t without its issues.



In addition to not being updated in several years, the living room was a closed-off nightmare complete with wood paneling everywhere. After opening up the wall and replacing the paneling with some nice glass railings on the stairs, the room was almost unrecognizable. However, it put him $10,400 over-budget, more than double his brother.

While the judges loved both spaces, Drew’s two-story took the prize, giving him the first win of the season. The duo agreed that the loser would be taken to the world famous Pleasure Pier amusement park, where the winner would decide which ride the other would have to go on again and again.

With a mighty first victory in his pocket and a newly-renovated home behind him, Drew walked off into the sunset as his brother spun over and over on the scariest-looking ride there was.