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10 of the Strangest Ads That Aired During Last Year's Super Bowl


 (Photo credit: Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company/AP)

Advertisers are always aiming to make a memorable Super Bowl spot, but last year, they confused the word "memorable" with "terrifying."

The ads we see during the Super Bowl are always a bit surprising, but several from the latest broadcast were downright eerie. Don't get us wrong, they were all very funny and entertaining; we just can't shake the feeling that the advertising executives on Madison Avenue were deliberately trying to give us the creeps, or, in one case, a full-blown heart attack. (We're looking at you, Mountain Dew.)

Here's ten of the strangest Super Bowl spots we saw during Super Bowl 50, and then afterward in our nightmares:

Snickers: 'Marilyn'

Remember Marilyn Monroe's iconic scene from "The Seven Year Itch"? This is like that, but with the unbridled sexiness of Willem Dafoe instead of Marilyn.

Shock Top: 'Unfiltered Talk'

In this ad for Shock Top, an anthropomorphic beer tap trades barbs with T.J. Miller, who, to his credit, is only momentarily petrified.

Apartments.com: 'Moving Day'

Jeff Goldblum is thrilled about your new apartment. He'd like to have a peek now.

Skittles: 'The Portrait'

Why would Steven Tyler commission a Skittles portrait just to ruin it? Why?!?

Avocados From Mexico: '#AvosInSpace'

The real message of this commercial is that Scott Baio will outlive us all.

Kia: 'Walken Closet'

Do you have a walk-in closet in your bedroom? Are you sure it's not a Walken closet? Because there's a big difference. One adds tremendous value to your home, and the other is just a really big closet.

Heinz: 'Wiener Stampede'

We have to admit, this is cute. Just try not to think about what happens to all those wiener-dogs after the ad ends.

LG: 'Man From the Future'

This commercial is taking itself far too seriously. It's just a TV, Liam Neeson!

Hyundai: 'Ryanville'

Not into Ryan Reynolds? Maybe there's a town full of Ryan Goslings a little further up the road.

Mountain Dew: 'Puppy Monkey Baby'

And finally, there's this. We can't handle it for more than six seconds. Good luck.