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Is this how the stars really get fit?

Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban treats his mom Galina to dinner at celebrity hot spot Craig's in West Hollywood. July 12, 2016

Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban treats his mom Galina to dinner at celebrity hot spot Craig's in West Hollywood. July 12, 2016  (Luis/

Jonathan Cheban says he gets his abs at a New York City dermatologist not the gym.

Kim Kardashian's best bud admits he heads to Dr. Marina Peredo for a non-surgical procedure that is said to combine a fat melting ultrasound with muscle stimulating technology to produce workout-like results. The doctor told FOX411 Cheban is just one of her many celebrity clients. 

She said the Futura Fit procedure is becoming increasingly popular among Hollywood's elite. 

“With the celebrity crowd they are in the public eye, they are constantly being photographed, and I think in addition to whatever diet and fitness programs they have, this kind of enhances the result,” she said. “Some people do it instead of working out and some people do it in addition to working out.

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"What is really nice about this procedure is it is kind of an alternative to a liposuction procedure; it combines two things. It has an ultrasound component and has an electric current.”

Cheban told Refinery 29 all he has to do is lay there and it’s like he has been doing crunches for hours.  

“There is a network of top doctors that normal people don’t know about. They do special things like this," he told the site. "If people knew about this, they’d be here in a minute. That’s just the perks of being famous, because you get first access to special places like this.”

However Dr. Marc Siegel, of the Fox News Medical A-Team, warns these procedures may not be what they seem. 

“I believe these type of procedures are a huge waste of time and money and are mostly hyped and not very effective,” he said. “The way to lose weight and firm up body tone is diet and various types of exercise. Liposuction is a proven treatment but should be reserved for times when specific areas of the body are involved such as after birth.”

But Peredo, who was unable to name any of her other celebrity clients for confidentiality reasons, insisted this new trend is taking over.

"The trend became really, really popular in the past couple of years... Most of the procedures are minimally invasive and patients are seeing results as quickly as a couple weeks or month.”

Siegel added there could be dangers to the celeb trend. 

“Certainly the ultrasound is harmless but am concerned that the electrical current could be a potential risk in a very small number of cases.” 

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