Style trend: Crop tops now show more than just the midriff


It looks like crop tops are no longer cropped high enough if they’re just showing off a slice of belly. The new trend is to wear a shirt that is sneaking all the way up to the bra line, revealing bits of lacy lingerie or even the bottom of a bare breast.

This month has seen Lady Gaga stepping out in New York in a series of barely there tops with just a little bit of bra peeking out of the bottom of the shirts. Kylie Jenner revealed some serious underboob at Kanye’s recent Yeezy Fashion Week show where even the catwalk models revealed a bit of their own under-cleavage.

“This is an emerging trend that might set some alarm bells off, but if worn right can be quite sexy,” says style expert and fashion blogger Vanessa Lambert of the popular lifestyle website and Instagram What Would V Wear.

But what’s driving the trend? Is the Free the Nipple movement finally getting to everyone, or do some people just need more attention than others?

“I think everyone is trying to out-do the next person and attempting to stand out anyway they can, even if that means starting trends that are silly as this one,” says stylist Christine Bibbo Herr from

Baring cleavage below the breasts instead of above them is nothing new. Aerobics instructors have been displaying underboob since the eighties. We’ve seen the more traditional crop top make a serious comeback in the past two years, for better or worse. And fashionistas just love to test the limits.

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Gigi Hadid flashed her underboob on the cover of Love magazine back in March and lad mags have been using them in photo shoots for years. Model Hannah Davis famously rocked her under cleavage in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue.

But, here’s the thing about the underboob—it’s not for everyone.

Style expert Lindsi Lane admits it’s a little “unwearable” for “women of all shapes and sizes.”

Still, if you think you can pull it off, Lane says, by all means give it a shot.

“There is something sexy about it that drives men crazy and paparazzi, alike. It's demure but sexy at the same time and allows you to see just enough, yet keeps you guessing,” Lane, who runs the style website, says. “Celebs know how to use the lenses of the paparazzi to draw eyeballs and attention and the underboob does just that! It's Seduction 101!”

Other style experts recommend the average woman not even attempt to go there.

“The underboob trend is a bit much for every day and probably not necessary,” says Herr. “You could totally rock if you’re wearing a sports bra peeking out for a workout look, but for everyday dressing I’d say cover up your girls!”


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