“Son of Zorn” tells the story of a Barbarian warrior from the island of Zephyria who returns to the United States to be with his son. 

The live action/animated hybrid comedy stars Jason Sudeikis, Tim Meadows, and Cheryl Hines, who told FOX411 the point of "Zorn" is to make people uncomfortable.

“It’s interesting because I’m hoping that everybody will appreciate Zorn and what is funny about him,” she said. “Just like when I started shooting ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ I would drive home thinking I’m not sure everybody is going to appreciate Larry David and what is funny about him and of course they do. There
are a few here and there that say ‘Larry makes me uncomfortable’ and I say ‘yeah that’s the point.’ Zorn is going to make some people uncomfortable and that’s also the point.”  

Hines played David’s wife on “Curb” and loved the show's improvisational underpinnings.

That’s a really fun way to work, you never know what is going to happen next just shooting it and even when I watch it I don't know what other people have shot," she said. "Every time I see an episode it’s brand new to me because I don't know what people are doing when I’m not around.” 

Hines hopes she'll be included on the show's recently announced new season, even though her and David's characters have split up.

“I think I’m going to be in it,” she said with a laugh. “I never know until I get the phone call. I really honestly haven't had any  communication with him since they announced the next season, I texted with him  and then when I asked when can I expect to know when we are shooting I got radio silence.”

“Son of Zorn” premieres September 11 on Fox.

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