Bad moves in the ballroom: 10 worst 'DWTS' dancers

"Dancing with the Stars" season 23's cast announcement this Tuesday launched a whole a new group of celebrities on a quest for ballroom glory. But do they know what they're getting into? Many previous contestants have wound up dunces at dance.

Here are ten of the worst dancers ever on the hit ABC reality show:

  • 1. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian


    The curvy famous for being famous "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star tried to learn an actual skill with pro partner Mark Ballas in 2008. "I have terrible balance," she admitted on "DWTS," and proved it with a stiff mambo to Sir Mix-A-Lot's song "I Like Big Butts." Kim was a memorable flop as she was the third eliminated celebrity.

  • 2. Geraldo Rivera

    Geraldo Rivera


    Earlier this year, the irrepressible FOX News journalist wanted to try dance at age 72 even though he had a "dead foot" after back surgery. Judge Bruno Tonioli said his first performance was definitely "NOT dancing." Rivera admitted to FOX411 after the show, "I was awful—but I had a good time." Still, the good times ended quickly as the reporter was the first one dumped, after he impersonated his friend Donald Trump in the final routine with partner Edyta Sliwinska.   

  • 3. Master P

    The rapper is notorious for receiving the lowest score ever on "DWTS" -- an 8 out of 30 for stomping his way through the paso doble with partner Ashly DelGrosso. Judge Tonioli said "It was a nightmare." Master P's rock-bottom score from 2006 might never be equaled. He was the fourth celeb voted off that season but recently said he wasn't embarrassed by his performance.

  • 4. Mischa Barton

    Mischa Barton


    The former "The O.C." star looked like a deer caught in the headlights, turning in a stilted tango and cha-cha. Worse was her attitude as she seemingly tried to blame the "DWTS" band for her bad routine. Partner Artem Chigvintsev hung in there, but Barton was eliminated right after Geraldo.

  • 5. David Hasselhoff

    David Hasselhoff


    The TV star got the boot before you could say "Baywatch."  Hasselhoff's cha-cha with his partner Kym Johnson was beyond awkward as he channeled his earlier show, "Knight Rider," by wearing a leather jacket costume. "I'm very happy," he insisted to reporters as he left the ballroom first in 2010.   

  • 6. Tucker Carlson

    The FOX News journalist got one of the lowest scores ever on the show -- 12 out of 30 -- for his 2006 cha-cha with Elena Grinenko. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out that he spent half the "dance" sitting down!  "What an awful mess," Tonioli sighed. "You looked like you were sitting on a toilet." Carlson kept his sense of humor, saying teaching him to dance was "like Einstein teaching addition to a slow child." His ouster came before all the other contestants.   

  • 7. Monica Seles

    Monica Seles


    The tennis player teamed up with pro Jonathan Roberts but their mambo flopped big time in 2008. "I just could not sell the performance," Seles said, admitting she was mostly "relieved" to be leaving on the first elimination night (along with Penn Jillette).

  • 8. Martina Navratilova

    Martina Navratilova


    Seles wasn't the only tennis legend who didn't succeed in the "DWTS" court. With partner Tony Dovolani by her side, Navratilova was the first star to be defeated in spring 2012. About her jive, she shrugged, "I was anxious about the first fast step and I just got lost and I could never catch up….I blew it."

  • 9. Jeffrey Ross

    The standup sensation only received a 12 for his debut dance and was the first "DWTS" casualty in fall 2008—after his left eye got injured in rehearsal with partner Edyta Sliwinska. "I'm glad I did it and no regrets," the comedian told OK! Magazine. Ross came back to "roast" the cast of season 10. 

  • 10. Kate Gosselin

    Kate Gosselin


    Season 10: "Jon & Kate Plus 8"'s controversial mom, who had gone through a nasty divorce, caused her partner Tony Dovolani to say "I quit" during rehearsal (he soon came back). Judge Tonioli said she danced like a "Stepford wife."  Gosselin, who bashed the paparazzi through dance, said "I'm working through the nerves," and wasn't surprised to be the fourth competitor eliminated in 2010.