Spencer Pratt said he was surprised when Gigi Hadid unfollowed him on Twitter this week.

"The Hills" reality star wrote on Twitter Wednesday that he “DM'd @GiGIHadid about training Jiu Jitsu and she unfollowed me." 

He followed up with a claim that he filmed an unknown reality show with the 21-year-old before she was famous.

“Guess she forgot I shot her reality show pilot before she was famous.”

Hadid has appeared on her mother's series, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and on "Lip Sync Battle and "MasterChef." Pratt would not tell FOX411 what the reality pilot that he claims to have filmed for Hadid was about or when it took place. 

The 32 year old told FOX411 that while he was unfollowed by Hadid, he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards her.

“I’m still team Gigi," he told us. 

Heidi Montag's husband said he is currently producing a film.

As for Hadid, she has yet to respond publicly to the diss from Pratt and has been keeping busy being a global trotting. 

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