'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Amy has a mystery man

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The episode kicks off with Sheldon and Leonard learning that a Swedish team of scientists is attempting to scoop their superfluid vortex experiment, which is based off the paper they worked on together last year. In order to beat them to the punch, they need a ton of helium, and they need it immediately. Barry Kripke gives them a “hell no,” and the two are forced to reach out one of Howard’s connections who can sell them some helium on the black market.

This is problematic for Sheldon, after all, he doesn’t like buying things at night. This distraction does allow us to spend quite a bit of time with Amy. After Penny and Bernadette learn that Stuart has found success on a Tinder-like dating app, they decide to sign Amy up. Penny goes all in, even developing a drinking game for the potential suitors.

Shirtless profile picture? One sip of beer. Guy posing with an animal? Two sips. Shirtless and posing with an animal? Start chugging. Soon they hook Amy’s phone up to the TV so Howard, Bernie, Raj, Stuart and Penny can all judge. Just as the fun begins a text shows up on screen from a guy named Dave, thanking her for a nice time.

As it turns out, Amy doesn’t need an app to help her find a date. She’s already gone out with three guys and one would like to see her again. How will Sheldon react when he finds out about Dave?

Leonard and Sheldon meet up with Howard’s “helium guy” in a parking garage. The interaction goes about as well as you’d expect. Sheldon attempts to take charge of negotiations, introducing himself with a fake name and background, demanding that they receive the helium before handing over the cash. Before long the dealer and Sheldon begin debating whether they’re in a stalemate, an impasse or a Mexican standoff. Luckily Leonard is able to smooth things over and the two make an exchange.

To avoid suspicion when returning to the lab, they dress up the tank of helium in a top hat and coat, referring to it as Sheldon’s Uncle Harvey. When Sheldon notices a halfway torn off sticker that says “Property of U” he declares that they must be using helium stolen from the U.S. government, making them accessories to a crime. Their conscience gets the better of them and they return the helium, but the dealer says it’ll cost them some money. Sheldon hopes its less than $1,000 because its all he has on him, which the dealer says is coincidentally the cost!

Later Barry Kripke tells them they have his helium, if they add his name to the experiment. Knowing potential jail time is a much better option than working with Barry, they turn him down and retrieve the potentially stolen helium. Ethics be damned!