'Gotham's' Firefly, Michelle Veintimilla: 'I’m representing the Hispanic community'

Michelle Gotham


Actress Michelle Veintimilla has made quite an entrance joining Fox’s “Gotham” as the first ever female version of Firefly, and she’s glad the show’s twist on this comic book villain has led to a bigger conversation.

“Once it was out that Firefly was going to be a female, I did get a mixed response," she told Fox News recently. "Some people were really excited, and some people were really not excited at all. They were like, ‘Firefly is supposed to be a man,’ but it was really interesting to experience that. It was really exciting, because I think it’s a good thing that some people didn’t like it, because it forced people to talk about ... females playing stronger characters.” 

She feels that when her first episode aired it surprised a lot of people, adding, “I think it was really empowering for me and I think for other women watching, and young girls especially, and Hispanic girls. I feel like I’m representing the Hispanic community as well.”

As for her work on set, Veintimilla has welcomed the challenge of doing serious action scenes plus she’s conquering a fear of her own at the same time, “I wear an actual flame thrower on my back that throws real fire. So I had to learn how to use it and it was really, really scary honestly because I’m actually afraid of fire.”

She revealed what’s coming up on the show, and it includes plenty of shared screen time between her character and the future Catwoman, Selina Kyle. 

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“They knew each other when they were really young, when they were little girls, and then they parted ways and they re-encounter each other in these episodes. I think they’re both surprised to see where the other has ended up. I’m really taken by her strength and her independence, and I think Selena sees a vulnerability in me and decides to help me out, because she knows that I’m better than that. She knows that I’m stronger than how I am right now, pretty much enslaved to my brothers."

She added, "Selina marches to the beat of her own drum, and she does her own thing, but I sort of remind her that it’s important to have people who care about you and who have your back. And we have each other’s back."

Tune in for more of Veintimilla's guest role as Bridget Pike – a.k.a., Firefly – Monday, Oct. 26 on Fox.

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