'Jeopardy!' contestant Talia Lavin on 'Turd Ferguson': 'I’m going to go for broke or joke'

In the Zone: 'Jeopardy!' contestant Talia Lavin gives the skinny on how her 'Jeopardy!' prank went down and how host Alex Trebek really reacted


Usually it’s the "Jeopardy!" contestants left scratching their heads, not long time host Alex Trebek. But Talia Lavin left the game show veteran looking dumbfounded this week with a funny final Jeopardy answer.

Lavin came up with a unique answer when Trebek asked to name the song "from a 1999 animated film about censorship." She sat down with FOX411 and explained how she came up with her response.

FOX411: So, explain who or what "Turd Ferguson" is.

Talia Lavin: Turd Ferguson is from an "SNL" sketch "Celebrity Jeopardy." Norm McDonald, my life sansei, a beautiful, amazing comedian who has yet to tweet at me, to my great chagrin. He showed up and he was playing Burt Reynolds on “Celebrity Jeopardy,” and he says, “I’m Turd Ferguson. It’s a funny name.” It’s comedy gold. 

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FOX411: Was your answer pre-planned?

Lavin: I had about 30 seconds of pre-mediation. I had $600 going into Final Jeopardy and knew it was a total wash. I was going to get $1,000 of sadness money anyway so I just thought I’m going to go for broke or joke. People on the Internet were like, “Why did she bet everything?” I’m like, “Because I was going to lose any way.”

FOX411: If you had known the answer to the question would you have given it?

Lavin: I can’t rewrite history. I had no idea. I was like 11 years old in 1999. So, I don’t really remember the Oscars that year.

FOX411: The audience laughed but Alex seemed completely caught off guard. Did you get a chance to explain it to him?

Lavin: He’s a master of not showing emotion. He’s 75. He’s a total pro. He has a million suits. People have been asking him the same questions for 30 years. He’s unruffle-able, like a perfect potato chip. He’s a beautiful man. He smells great. He can wear the hell out of a suit. I have a lot of love for Alex Trebek. 

FOX411: Your answer went viral – and then some. Did the reaction on social media surprise you?

Lavin: ‘SNL’s’ Facebook shared an article about me which was pretty awesome. This has all been a long form audition for ‘SNL.’ It’s been an amazing 24 hours just looking at the gaping maw of America’s id, and it has liked what it saw in me.

For more of FOX411's interview with Lavin, watch the video above.

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