When actors play God, do they have to stay true to Bible?

It was announced on Wednesday that Sean Hayes will play the role of God in “An Act of God,” a religion-themed comedy. The play will depict God offering new guidance to humanity.

Hayes is not the first big name actor to try his hand at playing the Almighty. Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” starred in the play on Broadway, and George Burns and Morgan Freeman landed God roles on the big screen in "Oh, God!" and "Bruce Almighty!" respectively.

Managing editor of Variety, Kirstin Wilder, a devout Christian, believes the role of God should be approached by an actor who remains true to the Bible.

“God has been portrayed by many actors over the years as the creative team behind any project decides which direction to go with their project -- from Groucho Marx to Alanis Morrisette to Whoopi Goldberg,” she told FOX411. “God has been portrayed in many different lights. That said, I believe the religious community is apt to be more supportive when the role is played with integrity and stays true to the narrative from the Bible.”

Variety Legit editor Gordon Cox, who covers the theater beat in New York City, said every actor has his or her own way of preparing for the role.

“Most actors will pay more attention to playing God the character, as he is portrayed in the script," Cox said. "So the tone of performance -- respectful, ironic, whatever -- is as much determined by the writer as by the actor.”

Ex Broadway star Steve Allen said anyone play the big kahuna has to be fairly fearless.

“It takes the type of actor who would want to tackle something that is almost ‘un-tackleable’,” he said. “You have to be someone who will take a chance and not pigeon holed, like Pierce Brosnan only doing James Bond type shoot em up stuff— that’s his niche. This would have to become who is not a niche actor and who loves a challenge.”

Hayes appeared on Broadway in 2010 for the revival of “Promises, Promises” which landed him a Tony nomination.

“An Act of God” is set to run in Los Angeles beginning in January.

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