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Disney actress Rowan Blanchard, 13, answers question about ... 'white feminism'?

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Fans may know the fresh faced Rowan Blanchard, 13, from Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World,” where she plays the spunky and always cheerful daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews, but this weekend she showed another side of herself, taking to Twitter to share her views on feminism.

A fan asked this question: "row, I wanted to ask your opinion on the term 'white feminism' and how common feminist might exclude women of color and non cis/queer women (ex: women are stronger because they have periods! or men don't have to think about how they dress in public!)"

In a three-Instagram-post reply she began: “This is such an important issue to be discussing.” Adding, “I have made a very big point at making sure my personal feminism includes everyone—and educating myself and discussing these topics have really helped.”

"White feminism" is a term coined for feminism that detractors say fails to recognize that Latino and African-American women make less than white women, among other things.

But let's let Blanchard explain it. 

“'White feminism' forgets about all intersectional feminism. The way a black woman experiences sexism and inequality is different from the way a white woman experiences sexism and inequality. Likewise with [transgender] women and Hispanic women. While white women are making 78 cents to the dollar, Native American women are making 65 cents, black women are making 64 cents, and Hispanic women are making 54 cents."

Blanchard went on to touch on other issues such as police brutality and race.

The essay has received positive responses from other Hollywood stars, including Emma Watson. 

The "Harry Potter" star tweeted, “This is called ‘hitting the nail on the head’ @rowblanchard.” While original “Boy Meets World” star Rider Strong called Blanchard “Preternaturally talented, a huge heart, and smart as hell.”

Watson has been a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014 and advocates for gender equality with her campaign, HeForShe. 

Blanchard concluded her essay “To only acknowledge feminism from a one sided view when the literal DEFINITION is the equality of the sexes is not feminism at all. We need to be talking about this more. Discussion leads to change. XO Row.”

Her essay has received more than 84,000 likes on Instagram.