‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Uncle Si has a near-death experience

Kyle Rothenberg interviews Uncle Si and Martin about season six of 'Duck Dynasty' along with family, faith and ducks


On Wednesday night's episode of “Duck Dynasty,” titled “The Ducket List,” Uncle Si is horrified to discover the spot where he always sits has been crushed by a fallen tree.  

“That tree fell right where I sit. Boys, I was almost a goner,” Si tells his crew.

He later reflects, “These boys don’t understand, when I [saw] that crushed duck blind, I saw my whole life flash before my very eyes.”

Si explains that the fallen tree got him thinking about his death and he is inspired to draft a bucket list.

The hilarious list includes several attainable things scattered among many far-fetched dreams—like his desire to become an astronaut.

One of the things the “Duck Dynasty” men decided to help Si accomplish is eating at a hibachi restaurant, where Si even tries his hand at being a hibachi chef. Minus a few unwanted egg shells and nearly raw meat, he does a pretty good job.  

“If they don’t like the food, too bad, they gotta eat it anyway,” Si boasts. “It’s the polite thing to do.”

Next on the list was bull riding and flying in a hot air balloon. Si accomplishes both with the help of his friends and is satisfied to have checked a few things off of his list, even though the list itself blew away during his air balloon ride.

As Si conquers his goals, his sister-in-law Miss Kay spends her time dispelling family rumors that she is a high school drop-out.

“These boys think I am a high school drop-out just because I was absent during my graduation,” Miss Kay explains. “Back then, I was too busy taking care of baby Alan to worry about my high school graduation.”

During the episode, Willie’s son John Luke graduates from high school. Later Miss Kay proudly finds her diploma and presents it to her family, proving that, just like John Luke, she graduated from high school.

At the family dinner at the end of the episode, Willie reflects on how life doesn’t always go as planned.

“That’s why it’s important to take the goals of your loved ones seriously,” he explains. “Whether it’s giving your mother the benefit of the doubt, cheering your son on as he graduates high school, or even helping your crazy uncle check some items off his bucket list, when your loved ones decide to pursue their dreams, the best thing you can give them is your support.”