The late comedian Chris Farley’s brother Kevin Farley said he never got to hear the audio of Chris voicing the animated character Shrek.

Well now he can.

One of the scenes that Chris voiced with Eddie Murphy, who plays Donkey, was just unearthed and released on Youtube.

“I understand why [they replaced Chris],” Kevin said in the new documentary “I Am Chris Farley.” “They probably wanted to make Shrek 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…”

Chris reportedly voiced 99 percent of the dialogue for the original “Shrek” movie when he died of a drug overdose in 1997. The character was then re-voiced – and changed considerably – by fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum Mike Myers.

“Originally the Shrek character was a little bit more like Chris, like a humble, bumbling innocent guy,” said Kevin, who bears no grudge toward Myers or DreamWorks studio.

“The studio needed to do what they needed to do. It was a bad time, bad timing… a tragedy,” he said. “Mike did a great job with ‘Shrek.’ He knocked it out of the park.”