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Olivia Culpo's Nude Photoshoot, Blanche Garcia's Decorating Tips, and Much, Much More


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Jul 28, 2015 at 12:06pm PDT

Here's what people are talking about:

• Former Miss Universe winner Olivia Culpo posed for a nude photoshoot in the latest issue of Treats! magazine (above), which hits newsstands Wednesday. Also hitting newsstands on Wednesday? Fans of Olivia Culpo's who don't have internet, and therefore can't just Google "Olivia Culpo nude" like the rest of us.

• Interior designer and TV personality Blanche Garcia has had loads of experience transforming blah homes into beautiful ones, so we figured she was the perfect person to ask for redecorating tips. Watch our interview below, where Blanche reveals three of her biggest design pet peeves, and then pretend like you aren't guilty of any.