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Jim Morrison pulled cruel prank on 'Laverne and Shirley' star Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams shares stories from her new biography 'Shirley, I Jest!: A Storied Life': a cruel joke by Jim Morrison, filming 'American Graffiti' and stories from the set of 'Laverne & Shirley'


"Laverne and Shirley" star Cindy Williams has penned a memoir, sharing factoids about the classic 70s TV show, her memories from the set of "American Graffiti," and stories about funny friends Andy Kaufman and John Belushi.

But there's one story from "Shirley, I Jest!" that sticks out: the time Jim Morrison played a cruel prank on her.

Before she shot to fame, Williams was a waitress at famed L.A. restaurant and music venue Whisky a Go Go. On her first day on the job, Williams served the Doors frontman.

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"They said that's your first table and I said, 'Wow, the VIP section, I must have done something right.' So I saunter on over – mind you, I’d only waited tables at the House of Pancakes before this so now we’re going from pancakes into hard liquor," Williams recounted to FOX411. "So I go over and there were these two blond girls and this gentleman who had his back to me and so I asked the ladies first, took their order and I remember: Tom Collins, Tom Collins and then I said, ‘And you sir?’ And he turned around and it was Jim Morrison!"

Williams said Morrison ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels, but when she went to put in the order at the bar, the bartender told her she was not allowed to serve Morrison a full bottle of liquor.

"So I went back to the table and said that I’m sorry Mr. Morrison but I’m not allowed to serve you a bottle of Jack at the table. I can bring you a double, or a single? And he said, ‘who’s tending bar, Tony?’ and I said yes. And he said, ‘You go back and you tell Tony that I want a bottle of Jack on the table.’"

Williams said she went back and forth between Morrison and Tony the bartender until she was in tears. 

"Finally I said to Jim Morrison, ‘I’ll buy you a double, but I’m not allowed to serve you a bottle of Jack at the table, I’m so sorry!’ and he asked for my name and I said Cindy and he took my hand and said, ‘Well, Ms. Cindy, we’re just playing with you. Bring me a double.’"

Watch the video above for more of Cindy Williams' stories.

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