Britney Spears fires back at heckler during Las Vegas performance

Is Britney Spears now the worst singer of all time?


Britney Spears is our hero today after what happened to her during Wednesday’s "Piece of Me" concert in Las Vegas.

In this Instagram, the pop princess can be seen cursing out a heckler after the fan apparently shouted “fat b--ch” to Spears. Her response, of course, was nothing short of extraordinary:

[Warning Spears' uses explicit language] 

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The exchange didn’t last very long, as Spears went right back to work with “Till The World Ends.”

In related news, the 33-year-old singer had a special guest in the audience last night: Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Diamonds. Here’s a cute backstage snap of the pair:

I met my teen idol, Britney.

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Please let this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the possibility of a future duet.