Charles Rahi Chun plays General Jong in Sony’s film “The Interview,” about two entertainment industry veterans given the job of assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. 

Chun was as surprised as anyone when the film was given as an impetus for the unprecedented computer hacks on its studio, Sony. Tuesday's escalation of the hacker threats to include attacks on studios showing the film were even more shocking. But Chun says he for one is not worried.

FOX411: Who do you think is behind the Sony hacks?
Charles Rahi Chun: Given all the clues, fingers are pointing towards North Korea and they certainly have the incentive. There’s been no definitive proof of that but the clues point that way.

FOX411: Do you regret being in the movie?
Chun: I have no regrets whatsoever. When I first read the script I was laughing out loud, and I was really impressed by the research James Franco and Seth Rogen did. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to put the spotlight on the state that North Korea is in, and how this dictator is viewed as a demi-God, and his image is being threatened by the movie.

FOX411:  Have you received any direct threats?
Chun: I have not, and I don’t expect to. I’m not really worried about it.

FOX411: Give the recent threats that there will be a 9/11-like terror attack on theaters showing the film, are you concerned for the safety of theater-goers?
Chun: These threats show their desperation in having their image tarnished. Sony has been threatened since the summer, and for each step of the way they have stuck to their guns and not backed down. So the threats show their deep level of desperation and nervousness. 

FOX411: Has Sony been in touch with you regarding the threats?
Chun: Sony has not been in touch with me. At the world premiere they put a clamp on any of the actors giving interviews.

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