‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Sheldon fears for Leonards life

Actors Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons in the CBS hit show, "The Big Bang Theory."

Actors Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons in the CBS hit show, "The Big Bang Theory."  (CBS)

Only Sheldon could turn a deviated septum into a matter of life and death. Once Leonard announces plans to have surgery that will ultimately allow him to breathe and even stop snoring, Sheldon shifts into panic mode. He calculates statistics about the likelihood of Leonard dying during surgery in an effort to get his friend to reconsider. It’s a bit overboard, but it goes a long way in showing just how much Sheldon cares about his friend and roommate. Leonard promises to take the week to think it over.

However, when a new appointment opens up, he opts for getting the surgery behind Sheldon’s back. The ruse isn’t kept up for very long and Sheldon insists that Amy drive him straight to the hospital. Not so he can see his friend before the surgery, but so he will be able to say “I told you so” if he dies.

Once in the waiting room, his fears only a heighten. A small earthquake, followed by a brief power outage while Leonard is in surgery makes Sheldon believe his greatest fear could come true. It’s clear this venture was about much more than just being right when Sheldon insists on checking on Leonard and charges straight into a pair of glass doors.

This leads to the two roommates on the couch, back at the apartment, noses bandaged and stuffed. Penny struggles to stifle a laugh as they talk to each other and while they don’t outright say it, its clear the two friends have a lot of love for one another.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case for Raj’s parents. Right before their 40th anniversary they tell their son that they’re getting a divorce. The news not only devastates Raj, but also leads to Bernadette getting introspective. Once she learns that their split was the result of years of built up resentment, she begins to fear the same could happen to her and Howard.

Her solution? Clear the air of whatever grievances they may have with one another. Howard, a smart man, knows this could get him in trouble. He suggests they share what they love about one another, a tip he learned in couples therapy, though he refuses to say who his other half was. The compliments turn passive aggressive quickly, leading to a few mean spirited snipes from both parties. Luckily Raj shows up to break the tension and is happy to learn that the technique he and Howard learned when they once attended couples therapy together is paying off!