Sofia Vergara drew inspiration from her real-life aunt for Gloria on 'Modern Family'

Actors draw from all kinds of inspiration when molding a character.

When Colombian actress Sofia Vergara was offered her role on the award-winning comedy “Modern Family,” she knew exactly who to look at for inspiration: her aunt Gloria Vergara.

The 41-year-old actress even suggested to producers to use her aunt’s name and that is how Gloria Delgado-Pritchett was born.

“To me, the production (team) asked me for several names, especially one that was not already registered in any other show,” Vergara told Colombian newspaper El Heraldo. “I just hinted at the name ‘Gloria Delgado’ and they liked it.”

She said how Gloria acts on screen – a very brash woman with a lot of sparkle and naturally fun – is her aunt in real life.

“When you do certain roles, you regularly draw inspiration from other people,” the actress said. “In this case, I did so with my aunt – though she is not as tawdry, not as scandalous as how I embody her on the series.”

Vergara’s uncle Hernando confirmed that her character on “Modern Family” is a copy of his sister.

“It’s like her twin. What she does is that she exaggerates to liven up her character, giving her more free rein to her temperamental character,” Hernando Vergara told El Heraldo.

For her part, Gloria Vergara told the newspaper that when she had an opportunity to meet the cast of “Modern Family” during the actress’ birthday celebration in Mexico, the running joke was: “She’s the real one!.”

“The truth is that when I see her acting, I see myself being portrayed there, like if I was seeing mirror. My English is just like the character’s, with a Latin accent,” she said, admitting that her niece even copied her day-to-day mannerisms. “Margarita (Sofia’s mother), who also has a great sense of humor, is more careful, more sophisticated when speaking. I’m more brash.”

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