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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Low-Cut Dress and Kristin McGee's Yoga for Sexy Arms

Fitness expert, Kristin McGee shows us three moves for sexy arms.


Here's everything that's going on, almost:

On Friday in London, model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley attended an event for Coca-Cola in a low-cut white dress and no bra (photo below), immediately causing everyone to forget what she was promoting. Coka-Life? Or Life Cola? Or something? Anyway, who cares?! Look at that dress!

Speaking of incredibly toned people, we're big fans of yoga and pilates instructor Kristin McGee. The last time we met up, she taught us how to strengthen and tone our arms with three simple yoga positions. Watch the video above and give them a try for yourself!

Yet another wave of nude celebrity photos leaked online over the weekend, this time targeting Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard and Rihanna. There were several others, too, but most media outlets list those three first, probably because they think we'll perv out over them the hardest.

Pregnant singer Alicia Keys, on the other hand, posted her own nude photo on Instagram (below) as part of the #WeAreHere campaign. She's hoping to raise awareness of various social issues, the first presumably being Keys' naked body and flawless skin.

Colin Farrell has confirmed his role in HBO's second season of "True Detective," so expect him to start spouting some existential crap you won't really understand on HBO next summer.

Kate Hudson told a British talk show that she and her mother can "see dead people." She also said she believes "our brains can manifest into visual things," which means that — at one point — she envisioned her participation in the 2000 film "Dr. T and the Women" and manifested it anyway.

Country singer Jason Aldean told Billboard magazine that people who are still obsessing over his relationship with Brittany Kerr need to "get over it, already," likely because he doesn't realize how this scandal was the best thing that could've possibly happened to his career.

More than decades after it was written, BBC Radio 2 debuted a Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury duet called "There Must Be More to Life Than This." You can take a listen below, but you're probably going to hear it sung a billion times during next year's "American Idol" auditions, so nobody will blame you if you pass.

Mama June and Sugar Bear of TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" have reportedly split up after she caught him using an online dating site to look for other women. It's sad for their kid, sure, but what about us? If those two can't make it in this crazy world, how do the rest of us have a shot?

Former "Smash" actress Megan Hilty gave birth to a baby girl named Voila Philomena last Thursday. But perhaps it's possible that she only named the child Philomena, and her publicist reported the news with a bit too much gusto. (Want more Megan? Watch her FNM interview below.)