KISS frontman Gene Simmons says Israel-Gaza conflict is about mother losing their children

Reflecting on Israeli, Hamas clash


KISS frontman Gene Simmons is the latest celebrity to chime in on the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

Simmons was born in Israel and came to America at age 8-and-a-half with his mother, a Holocaust survivor. The rocker admits that while he may be biased, he believes everyone can agree on one thing: peace.

"We all [need to take] a step back and understand it's about the human condition and loving your children and giving them the best opportunity to grow up in a peaceful environment," he said on Fox News Channel's "Outnumbered." "There's always going to be differences but there's no reason why they can't live side by side."

Simmons said that he understands he's "just a rocker who carries a guitar," but he offered his take on how to stop the fighting.

"The best thing to do is to get Hamas out of the equation and get some decent moderate people in charge," said Simmons. "I believe Hamas is terrible for the people of Gaza but that's a political observation. What it's really about is mothers and their children."

Simmons also said America needs to step in before history repeats itself.

"I think what's going on clearly, as a student of are bound to repeat the failures, you know what the phrase is," he added. "What's going on with the rest of the Arab world with ISIS and all of the great gains that they've made is a wake up call for all of us. I think the United States should...go in there and take care of business. You have to step up and do something about it."

Actors Javier Bardem and wife Penelope Cruz also commented on the conflict and took a lot of heat for an open letter they signed that called Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip "genocide." They have since clarified their positions though neither took back the controversial comments.

A passionate Joan Rivers also joined the fray on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Islamic militants in Gaza, taking the opportunity to slam Selena Gomez for writing "Pray for Gaza” on Instagram.

Watch Simmons full interview on "Outnumbered" above.