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Russell Brand claims Fox News program host’s opinion is ‘more dangerous than ISIS’

Actor and comedian Russell Brand.

Actor and comedian Russell Brand.  (Reuters)

In a video posted Tuesday on YouTube, British comedian Russell Brand called Fox News network “fanatical, terrorist, propagandist” and ripped into host Judge Jeanine Pirro for her emotionally-charged commentary regarding the crisis in Iraq and President Obama’s refusal to order sustained airstrikes.

On her Fox News program over the weekend, Pirro stated that the solution to the recent violence — including reports of civilian massacres — by the ISIS terrorist ‘army’ was to “bomb them” and “keep bombing them, and bomb them, and again.”

After letting out an expletive, Brand than offered his geopolitical expertise.

“When they do these bombings, it creates more insurgents, that’s what creates them,” Brand insisted. “Don’t think of a bomb as going down there and destroying stuff, think of it as like a seed that goes into the ground, and grows insurgents out of it, it creates more terrorism, doing it.”

Brand – a former MTV host and author of “My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs and Stand-Up,” – went on to call Pirro a “savage” and “worse” than the Sunni insurgents that she condemned.

“It’s invective, just incendiary language, just volatile combative, angry language. That – I’m not being sensational – that is more dangerous than ISIS,” he added. “That’s attitude. That’s far-reaching. That’s affecting millions and millions of people.”