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10 Incredible People Whose Lives Began After 60


 (Photo credit: AP, above; Bluebird Care, below.)

Do you sometimes feel like your best years are behind you? Or that you've wasted most of your time on this Earth? Well, it's possible you have. But that doesn't mean you can't turn it all around.

Throughout the course of human history, countless people have proven that it's never too late to do something extraordinary. Julia Child, for instance, didn't graduate from cooking school until she was nearly 50. Fast food tycoon Ray Croc didn't purchase McDonald's until he was 59. And Peter Mark Roget didn't publish his eponymous thesaurus until he was well over 70.

Inspiring stories like those aren't few and far between, either. In the infographic below, Ireland-based home-care providers Bluebird Care have listed 10 encouraging individuals who didn't find success until late in their lives, along with the details of their fascinating accomplishments.

Whether they penned the Great American Novel in their mid-60s or completed their first marathon just shy of 90, here are 10 more people who only became notable names in their golden years: