Duane 'Dog' Chapman's secret to long-lasting love? Sex and bounty hunting

'Dog' the Bounty Hunter and wife Beth hunt fugitives in CMT show 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt'


The couple that bounty hunts together stays together?

Duane "Dog" Chapman and wife Beth have been hunting down fugitives side-by-side through more than eight seasons of reality TV. The secret to keeping their love alive? "Lots of sex," Chapman told FOX411.

"Besides that, we're together all the time," Beth said. "We've nurtured our relationship through the hard times by being loving to one another and affectionate and to always remember not to go to bed mad."

The Chapman family currently stars in CMT's "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt," now entering its second season. Beth says the family has been careful not to fall into the woes that most reality stars face.

"We also don't play into the curse of reality television either," Beth said. "We're not into the 'wars' that go on in reality TV that tried to plague our family once, but we quickly got rid of that, so we don't play any of those games. This is a real show, this is what we really do for a living."

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Chapman says filming the most recent season was trying for the family due to an uptick in violent drug use across the U.S.

"A lot of the people are, if you want to say, 'hopped up on speed,' are violent as heck, so we're using our non-lethal weapons constantly," Chapman said. "We used to brag about no stitches, no blood. We can't say that after this season any more."

As for vindictive fugitives looking to exact revenge on the Chapman clan, Dog says they better thing twice.

"If they come back at us, it'll be the last thing they do," Chapman said.