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Miranda Lambert Names Her Favorite Junk Food In Magazine Interview



Miranda Lambert looks decidedly more fabulous than most of us, but according to the country artist herself, she still enjoys eating like we do.

Us Weekly recently conducted an interview with the 30-year-old singer ahead of her upcoming album "Platinum" (out June 3), in which they asked Lambert about a specific track titled "Gravity is a Bitch." In the self-deprecating tune, Miranda takes a humorous look at her personal struggles with weight loss (one lyric reads "Whoa, I gotta do some lunges!"), leading Us to wonder why she chose to address the subject in such a light-hearted manner.

"My fans expect me to lay it all out," she told the mag. "I've always been happy with myself. But when I hit 30, I thought, It's not going to get easier. So I chose to get ahead of it."

Then, of course, she added that she still indulges in the occasional junk food, and name-dropped her favorite: "There's still nothing I love more than a bag of Cheetos, though!"

Us Weekly also asked Lambert how she went about recruiting Carrie Underwood for the "Platinum" track "Somethin' Bad," which has already topped Billboard's Country Digital Songs chart.

"I sent her a rambling email asking her to do it," said Lambert. "I figured she'd think I was crazy, but she wrote right back saying she was in."

Lambert was admittedly nervous when Underwood arrived to record her vocals, too, but ultimately said the two ended up "having a blast" in the studio (though we basically assumed as much after seeing them perform the song at the 2014 Billboard Awards):

Lambert's fifth studio album, "Platinum," hits stores on June 3.