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Ireland Baldwin Squeezes Into Leather Pants for Instagram


 (Instagram/Ireland Baldwin)

Once you attain a certain level of fame, it doesn't take much to get yourself in the headlines. And if you're Ireland Baldwin, all you need to do is slap on a pair of pants.

This past Saturday, the 18-year-old model snapped a selfie in an unnamed boutique's dressing room after trying to wrangle a pair of leather pants up around her waist. The shot (above) also sees Baldwin on the floor, wearing just a sports bra in addition to those aforementioned pants, which were admittedly too small for the blonde's skinny physique.

"The things I'll do for a 'we only have a size 25,'" she captioned the photo, as if the American public is supposed to commiserate with a burgeoning model who — skinny as she is — can't find a big enough pair of pants for her frame.

Needless to say, Baldwin's picture already boasts just over 6,400 likes.

Even still, this isn't the most risque activity to come from Baldwin's Instagram account over the past week. Last Thursday, she uploaded a picture of herself wearing a strapless Grecian dress that was just begging to obey Isaac Newton's laws of gravity and fall to the floor:

"You know the deal," she captioned that one.

Well, no, Ireland. We don't quite know the deal just yet, but we (and your Instagram followers) will always be interested in learning more about this "deal" via your and