Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, hospitalized in a Las Vegas hospital for nearly three weeks, has been ordered to two months of absolute rest upon his release.

Jesus Salas, the singer’s rep, told Mexican newspaper Reforma that Juan Gabriel is recovering well and is expected to be discharged in the next couple of days.

“After he leaves the hospital, which will be one of these days, he will rest; he will not work until August,” Salas said on Wednesday. “He will then start his South American tour, with the first country being Peru.”

As for the cancelled tours in the United States, Salas said the singer is working on rescheduling them for future dates but is expected to start in September.

“He wants to fulfil them because he is that way, he does not want to leave anyone hanging,” the rep said. “The doctor is hopeful. His problem is pulmonary and he is almost leaving the hospital. There will be enough Juan Gabriel for many years to come.”

The 64-year-old singer was hospitalized last month when he fell ill after a concert. Doctors diagnosed Gabriel with pulmonary pneumonia and released him several days later, only to be re-admitted that same night.

Rumors swirled that Gabriel’s re-admittance was because he was suffering from intestinal cancer. His reps were quick to deny the rumor, saying that his airways were weakened by the pneumonia.

Gabriel was in the middle of his “Volver 2014” tour when he fell ill.

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