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Sofia Vergara's Topless Modeling Pics and A Weird Moment With Bret Michaels

After mentioning "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" during an interview with Fox News Magazine, that exact song started pumping from outside the room. He's magic.


Here's what everybody's talking about:

If you think Sofia Vergara is gorgeous now, wait until you get a load of these old modeling photos from 1998, in which the "Modern Family" star is writhing around topless on the beach.

When Bret Michaels recently chatted with Fox News Magazine at Hard Rock Cafe in New York, a very weird thing happened. Watch the video above and be prepared to smile.

The cast of the upcoming "Jem and The Holograms" movie has been announced. But if you are old enough to actually remember watching the original late-'80s cartoons, you're not going to have a clue who these people are.

Page Six is reporting that a photo of Prince George has been airbrushed for the latest cover of Us Weekly. Apparently, the future king's royal cheeks weren't rosy enough for their liking.

Emma Stone has bangs now, everybody. Go home and write that down in your Emma Stone notebooks before you forget.

Tiger Woods attended his son's tee-ball game last weekend, sitting with girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Presumably, Tiger was never more thankful that tee-ball only lasts six innings.

Eddie Murphy's filmed an appearance on "Extra" this past Wednesday, and of course they were wearing tiny crop-tops. Actually, we're not sure they own any midriff-covering clothes at all.

Seth Meyers is going to take a stab at hosting the Primetime Emmy Awards this year, which shouldn't be too stressful, considering that nobody remembers who hosts that thing anyway. (Quick, who hosted last year's Emmys? Can't remember? No clue? Our point exactly.)

Avril Lavigne doesn't get why everybody thinks her new music video is racist.

Perhaps jealous of all the attention Kim and Khloe's butts have been getting on the internet, Kourtney Kardashian let a photographer snap a few butt shots in Las Vegas recently.

The allergic reaction that tried its darndest to put Miley Cyrus out of commission has failed, as the singer is "feeling much better" and has reportedly left the hospital.

In more Miley News, Cyrus' godmother Dolly Parton told Time magazine that she's proud of Miley for making her mark, but added that Miley "doesn't have to be so drastic" anymore. But lest we forget, that statement came from a woman who doesn't consider her own body modifications "drastic."

People are pretty angry at Madonna for calling kale "gay" in a word association game at Buzzfeed. We understand where they're coming from, but we'd like to add that we're also angry because it was a stupidly boring game.

Diane Keaton revealed to People magazine why she never got married: "I had some insane idea that I had to be 'in love.'" Ha! Can you believe that? How naive of her to assume you should love the person you're going to marry?!? What an idiot!

And finally, Taco Bell is opening a classier restaurant chain called US Taco Co., where they'll serve something more akin to real food that isn't wrapped in a waffle or a mis-shapen Dorito.