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Cheer Up, Pharrell: 9 Covers of 'Happy' to Brighten Anyone’s Mood



Almost a month after his hit song "Happy" shockingly failed to win the Oscar for Best Original Song, Pharrell Williams is still fielding questions about losing to "Let It Go" from "Frozen."

"When they read the results, my face was … frozen," Pharrell told GQ magazine about Oscar night. "But then I thought about it, and I just decided just to … let it go."

But besides speaking in puns, the multiple Grammy winner claimed that he wasn't too bummed about being passed over, hinting that "Happy" has much more longevity. After GQ's Zach Baron agreed that "Happy" would have been a more "interesting choice" for the Academy Award, Pharrell somewhat rhetorically asked, "Is it going to be here for ten years — that song from 'Frozen'?"

Whatever the answer turns out to be, "Happy" certainly has spawned enough cover versions to last for the next few decades, at least.

Don't think so? Just check out 10 of the most memorable "Happy" covers on YouTube:

Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences

You're not going to see anything more adorable than this elementary school choir singing "Happy." Don't even try.

David Wong

Love the song's melody but hate the sound of a human voice? David Wong and his friends will cater to your very specific tastes with this instrumental version.

Gillian Cosgriff

Cosgriff and three friends stepped up to a public piano in front of Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria for this outdoor cover.

BYU Vocal Point

Brigham Young University's a capella group Vocal Point made the acapella cover you're probably already envisioning, complete with the cheesy harmonies and flourishes you'd expect from a nine-man mouth-ensemble.

David Siegel

This guy loops each track right in front of the camera, using nothing but his bassy voice, his hands, a kazoo and a tambourine. It's kinda fascinating.

Ultimate Music Covers

The duo known as Ultimate Music Covers thought Pharrell's version lacked crunchy guitar riffs and double-bass drumming. So they fixed that.


British singer Angel lends his voice to this twangy version of "Happy," which he performed for Soul Culture's online magazine.


Pentatonix gets points for this a capella version, even if it comes across as a painfully obvious attempt to rack up YouTube views.


Ben and his friends manage to do something that all of the previous artists have failed to do: sing "Happy" while wearing funny animal hats.