Miss Kay opens up about suicidal thoughts in new book

Phil Robertson and some of his sons have previously opened up about their dark, pre-fame years, but now his wife, Miss Kay, is sharing some of her hardest moments in the new book “The Women of Duck Dynasty,” excerpted by Radar Online.

Miss Kay writes in the book that she nearly committed suicide while she was dealing with her husband’s drinking problem.

“I simply could not see any way out of a terrible situation for the boys and me. I finally accepted the fact that I could not fix our lives and had no one to help,” she writes, according to Radar. “[I] realized I just wanted to go to sleep for a long time. I did not consciously want to kill myself, I just wanted to take enough Tylenol … to have a nice, long rest.”

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She writes that she locked herself in the bathroom and sobbed. “I told myself I didn’t care if I slept forever, but deep down I don’t think I really wanted to die.”

She adds that she was partially motivated by wanting to “scare the daylights out of Phil.”

But just as she was considering taking the medication, she heard her children coming toward the bathroom and changed her mind. Her son Alan, the only beardless “Duck Dynasty” brother, came to comfort her.

“In an instant it was like a lightbulb came on for me” she writes. “‘What am I doing?’ I asked myself. ‘I have three little boys. I can’t leave them with a drunk.’”

Phil Robertson later got his drinking under control and the pair has been married for nearly 50 years.

Their family appears on the hit A&E series, which just wrapped its fifth season.