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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas: Did They Really Say That?!


 (Associated Press)

Prince Harry may be fourth in line for the English throne, but he still loves his “Breaking Bad” and babes in booty shorts.

Or so we're being told.

The 29-year-old, lovingly referred to by his older brother Prince William as has been courting Cressida Bonas for quite a while but it hasn't been the stuff of which fairy tales are made. In fact, it turns out that their romance is kind of regular, complete with nagging, lingerie, and feasting on comfort food while watching TV.

Vanity Fair purports to have gotten their hands on some gchats between the British love birds, and it’s so ordinary yet bizarre that it’s difficult to believe. Maybe the royals are just like us.

Case in point? Their reportedly love for “Breaking Bad.”

“So, another episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ tonight?” messages Bonas to Harry, while they were at their super ordinary desk jobs. “We only have two more before we can move on to the next season!!!”

Turns out the royal may have been too busy doing other more important things than attending to his girlfriend.

“Are you watching stupid YouTubes again in a different browser??? Ugh, you suck, I’m gonna finish this new Pinterest board I’m starting,” Bonas messaged.

In Vanity Fair’s online soap opera, Harry does eventually return to the chat, apologizing with a sincere “sorry babe” and insisting “casserole sounds good.” You know, just like your man.

However, Bonas has a major issue to deal with and ladies can relate.

“There are these two high-waisted shorts I can’t decide between,” says Bonas. “One’s gold…and one’s, like, GOLD gold, you know what I mean? Sending them to you.”

Over half an hour later Harry finally responds, and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

“I just bought you both of those booty shorts you sent, had them sent to the house,” messages Harry.


Is Vanity Fair pulling our leg here or can it be that the couple is indeed as adorable and ordinary as we would like to believe? Whatever the case may be, we love it.

Now if only they could uncover some chats between William and his wife Kate Middleton that don’t involve the nickname “babykins.”