Which stars fell the furthest in 2013?

Anything goes in Hollywood, and 2013 was certainly no exception, as the glamorous glitterati filled the year with racial epithets, orchestrated sex tape leaks, illicit drug use and, finally, fooling around with foam fingers on stage.

"Sometimes we wonder, ‘Are these people really that stupid?’ No. We made them gods and gave them significance, power and influence which they don’t deserve and cannot skillfully handle," said human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., who worked with FOX411 to develop this list.

"Above all in 2013, it is celebrities that are blurring the lines of decency, respect and morality."  

So who went the lowest of low this year?

  • 1. Paula Deen

    Paula Deen


    Deen's multimillion-dollar empire fell apart after she was axed from the Food Network and lost almost all her sponsorship and endorsement deals. This came when it was revealed during a court deposition that, while planning her brother’s 2007 wedding, she said of the waitstaff, “Well what I would really like is a bunch of little [ni**ers] to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. Now that would be a true Southern wedding, wouldn't it?" Even though the case was thrown out by a judge, Deen’s career was destroyed.

  • 2. Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong


    Once considered the American hero who overcame impossible odds, Armstrong's career was shattered this year when he finally was forced to admit to doping and lying. Even after being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, Armstrong continued to play the victim, saying he was singled out because he was an a—hole. Worse, he said he would cheat again – dope again.  

  • 3. Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus


    The former Hannah Montana has been on a steady decline for some time, but it was her twerking performance at the 2013 VMAs that drew the wrath of millions of fans and parents and criticism from other celebrities. Possibly more damaging were the various references to and the ways she promoted ecstasy and drug use in her songs – exemplifying a callous and irresponsible disregard for her young, impressionable fans.

  • 4. Kanye West

    Kanye West


    The egotistical gift that just keeps on giving. The rap singer, who has compared himself to Jesus and calls his album and tour Yeezus, got engaged to and welcomed a child into the world with Kim Kardashian, a woman famous for a sex tape, which in turn has caused his career to become the butt of hundreds of jokes. Worse, he compared himself to police and military heroes when he claimed that he puts his life on the line when he is touring, leading Brimfield, Ohio, Police Chief David Oliver to challenge Kanye to drop his singing career and join the military.

  • 5. Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin


    Baldwin clearly doesn’t like to be told what to do – including turning off electronics while on board a flight about to take off. He also doesn’t like his photo being taken – unless he wants to promote a movie, TV show or his own TV show. He has had numerous run-ins with paparazzi, including slamming one of them onto a car. MSNBC canceled his show, “Up Late With Alec Baldwin,” after he made a homophobic slur against a newspaper photographer and for his alleged abuse of colleagues at NBC's headquarters.

  • 6. Phil Robertson

    Phil Robertson


    The family patriarch came close to having a near perfect year with the astronomical success of his A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" and burgeoning empire. However, as December almost came to a close, GQ released its 2014 January issue featuring Robertson, in which he graphically described his issues with homosexual sex. Robertson was promptly suspended from filming by the network, and sparked a national debate on freedom of speech, religious freedom and gay rights. 

  • 7. Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne


    The envelope-pushing rapper tramples on the American flag as part of a new music video shoot. Although he says he didn’t do it on purpose, he sings “the stars on the flag are never shining.”  Wayne also landed in the hospital with seizures after a binge of purple drank – a cough syrup-laced drink that promotes a high.

  • 8. Charlie Sheen

    Charlie Sheen


    The "Anger Management" star stood out for his violent language and threats of violence. He urged fans to send rotten eggs and dog poop to his daughter's school; he made threats against his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller: “I will exercise every resource at my disposal. I will, I will, I will, I will empty my entire war chest and if I can’t get it done, I know a guy who can.” He even sent her a photo of a birthday cake with a grenade on top of it. Charming.

  • 9. Farrah Abraham

    Farrah Abraham


    The former "Teen Mom" star will likely never be deemed role model of the year. Despite having a young daughter, Abraham made a sex tape and justified putting it up for sale by saying she wanted to celebrate her awesome body. She was pulled over for drunk driving after almost slamming into a police car; she blew a .147 on the Breathalyzer, nearly twice Nebraska's legal limit, and went to rehab to deal with her problem with alcohol. But many critics say she still doesn’t seem to understand the extent of her problems – lack of morality and terrible guidance for her child.

  • 10. The Kardashians

    The Kardashians


    It wasn’t the best year for the fame-hungry, reality-TV family. Khloe is divorcing Lamar Odom (the reality show went on to spoil his career); Kris and Bruce Jenner separated; and Kanye West’s career is in a weird place after he got engaged to Kim and tried to make her a rock star in a music video that was parodied by the likes of James Franco and Seth Rogen. Kim also was criticized after it was revealed that her eBay auction, which claimed proceeds were going to help victims of the Philippines typhoon, was giving only 10 percent of the proceeds.

  • 11. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber


    Where to begin? Yes, the once-sweet pop prince has struggled to control his temper, but some of his behavior was bizarre and stank of narcissism and a young lost boy who cannot deal with stardom and adulation. He took a pet monkey with him to Germany (but without any medical papers – so it was permanently confiscated); his bodyguard had to hold him back when he lost his temper and was cussing and threatening a photographer in London; a neighbor claimed he spat on him during an altercation; and he has been confronted with endless problems involving dangerous driving and his inappropriate penchant for graffiti. His antics have caused him to become a caricature, a la Lindsay Lohan.

  • 12. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown’s well-documented anger and rage surfaced again in 2013, resulting in two violent incidents as well as his failure to properly complete his community-service records. On Aug. 16 a judge assigned Chris 1,000 more hours of community service, stating that he had submitted a false report. Chris also went to rehab to deal with his anger after a reported physical altercation with fans outside a concert in Washington.

  • 13. Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan


    Lohan, who routinely makes the annual meltdown list, has improved somewhat this year, because she hasn’t been in as much legal trouble as in the previous six years. But she was forced into court-ordered rehab for 90 days and had so many issues at Betty Ford that she was forced to relocate to Cliffside Malibu. She was also accused of taking jewelry and other things from the set of "Anger Management" during a guest stint, hid under a table at a nightclub in Brazil and has resumed her all-night partying lifestyle despite her endless rehab and legal woes.