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Taylor Swift Meets Prince William, Jessica Alba Goes Blonde, and Much, Much More



Here's what's going on today:

Taylor Swift met and performed for Prince William at his charity fundraiser at Kensington Palace, and then the two of them joined Bon Jovi to perform "Livin' on a Prayer." No joke. Here's the video.

Jessica Alba dyed her hair blonde for an upcoming film called "Barely Lethal," and she posted some pics to Instagram.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has secretly tied the know with fiance Brian Hallisay. She's also given birth to their daughter, Autumn James Hallisay.

"Glee" actress Amber Riley won "Dancing With the Stars."

Julia Roberts, the former title-holder of America's sweetheart, joked that Jennifer Lawrence is far "too cool" to be America's reigning sweetheart. Stop being so jealous, Julia Roberts.

Actor Frankie Muniz, 27, suffered his second stroke in the space of a year.

O.J. Simpson's manager Norman Prado seems to think that Khloe Kardashian could be O.J.’s daughter. "Whenever I bring it up, he giggles," Prado told InTouch.

Meanwhile, Khloe's sister Kim and her fiance Kanye are all about that Seth Rogen/James Franco parody of Kanye's "Bound 2."

"American Idol" judge Keith Urban got himself a haircut. Check out his selfie on Twitter.

"12 Years a Slave" and "Nebraska" received seven and six nominations, respectively, for the Independent Spirit Awards. Start placing your Oscar bets now.

Chris Brown reportedly threw a fit when his rehab facility wouldn't allow him to bring along his marijuana.

And finally, the soon-to-be-open Eataly location in Chicago is set to feature an entire Nutella bar, featuring all kinds of Nutella snacks and treats.