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Kelly Osbourne Told Lady Gaga to Do WHAT?!?



"Fashion Police" panelist Kelly Osbourne is apparently none-too-thrilled with Lady Gaga's recent appearance on "The X Factor UK," because she had some extremely unkind words for the "Do What U Want" singer on Twitter.

According to Us Weekly, Gaga presented "X Factor" judge Sharon Osbourne with a cake in honor of Kelly Osbourne's 29th birthday, and also as sort of a roundabout peace offering to Kelly. (Gaga and Kelly have been engaged in a small-scale feud ever since Kelly called Gaga a "butterface" in 2009.)

Osbourne was somewhat confused by the cake, as she later made clear on Twitter:

Not to be ungrateful but why would you send me a birthday cake via my MOTHER in a country half the would away? #JustSendItToME #LoveNotWar

— Kelly Osbourne (@KellyOsbourne) October 27, 2013

Her next tweet wasn't as G-rated, and it included a picture of the cake along with the hashtags "EatMyS***" and "Hypocrisy."

Gaga responded directly to Osbourne on the social media site thusly:

@KellyOsbourne I didn't know it was your B-day until this afternoon. Meant as a peace offering. Happy Birthday. pic.twitter.com/VjQi7wHn2Z

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 27, 2013

… and she also instructed her followers to leave Osbourne be:

Monsters, please just focus on the positive of tonight's performance and do not send any hateful messages. I don't support it. #SpreadLove

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 27, 2013

Osbourne then took to Twitter to send another message simply reading "#StefaniStopIt" (Gaga's real name is Stefani) along with several more messages containing references to this incident, which we're now calling CakeGate.

We have a feeling this isn't the end of CakeGate, either.