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The Melange: What People Are Talking About Today



Here's what all the fuss is about:

Unlike the shades she's wearing above, Lady Gaga wore some glasses that could not possibly be glasses in London yesterday.

The Duchess of Cambridge attended her first public engagement yesterday, seeing off her husband as he attempts to run some kind of Welsh mega-marathon.

Celine Dion is selling off her gorgeous Florida mansion — and its on-premise water park — for $72.5 million. Anybody wanna go splitsies? We're in for $5.

The creator of the foam finger feels that Miley Cyrus "degraded" his invention and everything it stands for.

Hahahahahaha! Haha! It appears as if (married) Robin Thicke is grabbing some woman's butt in this picture! Hahaha! Haha!

Fergie and Josh Duhamel welcomed a son named Axl Jack. That reminds us, remember how good Apple Jacks are?

Over dinner, Kris Jenner told her entire family about the time she and Bruce made a sex tape. Ohhh, wait! Okay! Now it's all starting to make sense!

Dave Chappelle ended his set early after a rowdy audience refused to quiet down. Shush yourselves, then watch it here.

Paul McCartney joined Instagram to plug his newest song, appropriately called "New." We give it two weeks before he starts sharing pictures of cats and kale salads.