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In The FOXlight: Hugh Jackman on Training for 'The Wolverine'

"Wolverine" actor Hugh Jackman tells Michael Tammero where his character is going, and also details the tremendous physical transformation he underwent for the role.


After portraying Wolverine in several film adaptations, you'd think that Hugh Jackman had explored every possible facet of the character. But just like the X-Man himself, Jackman and the filmmakers behind "The Wolverine" always have another trick up their sleeves.

"This movie really explores his mortality and his, well … immortality," Jackman said during a chat with In the FOXlight's Michael Tammero.

In this latest X-Men outing, Jackman explained that his character — a self-healing, barely aging mutant — has to come to terms with the fact that he'll likely outlive everyone he loves. "You find him at the beginning of the movie, almost buckling under the weight of the burden of his abilities," said Jackman.

The actor also discussed his strict diet and exercise regimen — something he's gotten very familiar with after playing the muscle-bound mutant for a sixth time. "The first thing you need is six months. You need six months to do it," Jackman began. "And then you've gotta eat 6,000 calories a day and you've gotta train like a madman," he said.

Watch the video above to hear Jackman's entire interview, including more plot details from the film.