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Jennifer Aniston Talks Hair: Why She Hated 'The Rachel' and Loves The Duchess



In the July issue of Marie Claire, actress Jennifer Aniston dished on her favorite hairstyles and the hair icon she most admires. Plus, set the record straight on her famous "Friends" 'do.

"The Rachel was horrible!" she tells the magazine. "I'd curse [stylist Chris McMillan] every time I had to blowdry. It took three brushes — it was like doing surgery!"

Nowadays, however, Aniston prefers an easier style (see her quote above), perhaps because it takes less of a toll on her hair. "I have naturally wavy, frizzy Greek hair, and over the years it's taken a beating from blow-dryers, flatirons, curlers, and extensions, which I think are the most damaging," said the actress. "I couldn't get it to grow because it just kept breaking," she added.

So how did she bounce back from her hair nightmare? "Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment brought it back to life," she says.

Marie Claire also questioned her whose hair she envies, and Aniston named the Duchess of Cambridge. "Does she do her hair herself?" she asked. "She's got a hard job, being scrutinized like that. When I have a bad hair day, my hair just goes in a clip."