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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver reconciliation a good idea?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver may be reconciling, but what does that mean for their careers?


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver had very messy, very public breakup, but it seems the Hollywood pair may be getting back together.

Rumor has it that despite Arnold’s confession that he had an affair—and a secret love child—with the couple’s maid, Maria is ready to take him back. The two have been snapped spending more time together in recent weeks.

But how will her reconciliation with the former California governor affect Shriver’s image?

David Caplan, of GossipDavid.com, said he predicts fans will initially react negatively to the pair’s reunion, but they likely won’t hold it against Shriver.

“I think there’s this knee jerk reaction she’s sending to women,” he said. “She was cheated on.  She was hurt and she’s going back to this guy, but at the same time I think it almost kind of cements her family values.  It shows that she’s working on and willing to work through it and wants to work on this relationship.”

Pop culture watcher Alison Stewart, of StyleWhipped.com, suggested that many women can likely relate to Shriver decision to take Schwarzenegger back.

“I think at this point there’s a lot of women go back into a relationship after bad things happen or they say ‘this is what’s best for me, what’s best for my children and my family,’” Stewart said.

So if the reunion with Arnold won’t hurt Maria’s image, will it help her?  

“I think their reconciliation will definitely help bolster ratings for Maria’s new show. It’s going to make her more of an interesting person,” said Caplan. “We now know more about her personal life and I think that’s the thing when people watch TV shows, they like these anchors, when the woman or the man is more relatable. So now we know more of Maria’s story so we want to know what makes her tick. Why is she thinking like this?”

Stewart added that it will help that Shriver’s name is back in the news.  

“I think whenever anyone has a new program coming out, a new job, a new anything there’s good press and there’s bad press, but again her name is in the media so she’s getting some attention,” said Stewart.

And the reconciliation won’t be bad for the power couple’s wallets either. If they stay together, there will be no need to divide their impressive earnings.

“I absolutely think the reconciliation could be financial.  I mean they’re looking at somewhere like $400 million dollars between the two of them.  So it’s pretty easy to split that. ‘I get $200 million and you get $200 million,’ easy as pie but that is a huge, huge fortune,” said Stewart.

Arnold’s reputation was tarnished by his infidelity but could his getting back together with Maria give him a fresh start?

“A reconciliation definitely redeems Arnold Schwarzenegger because he looked like the biggest dog in the last few months. He had a new girlfriend, all the revelations that came out with the former maid. It was just amazing,” said Caplan. “He was just an awful person in most people’s eyes. Now you think if Maria Shriver is going to take him back, maybe he’s just not such a bad guy.”

But Stewart added that Schwarzenegger may still have some work to do to if he wants to fully restore his reputation.

“I think he’s going to have to prove himself even harder now,” explained Stewart. “In the public eye at least, he’s going to have to be the perfect husband. He’s going to have to be the perfect father. He’s going to have to be on perfect behavior all of the time.”

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