Justin Bieber’s Pastor Reportedly Asked Selena Gomez To Help Star Find His Way

Sources are continuing to come out of the wood work to try and explain why Selena Gomez flew to Europe to see Justin Bieber.

According to insiders who spoke to Star magazine, Gomez was recruited by Justin’s mentor, Pastor Judah Smith, to travel to see her former beau to stop him from falling apart.

“Pastor Judah pleaded with Selena to fly to Norway,” a source told the magazine. “She’s the only person who can stop Justin from having a breakdown.”

“He’s lost his way,” the source added. “He needs her more than ever, and she wants to at least be friends again.”

But another person close to the situation told the website Gossip Cop that these latest reports are ludicrous.

Last week, the couple was caught locking lips during his concert in Oslo, Norway.

The two were spotted backstage by witnesses a few days after Gomez flew all the way to Europe to reunite with the pop star. Bieber has also posted intimate photos of the two together.

Dueling reports currently say that while “Justin pursued Selena and she gave in” their crazy love connection does not mean they are officially back together.

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