Shakira to Pay Former Employees $743, Lawsuit Dismissed

Shakira’s legal woos continue – but at least one case is over.

“The Voice” judge, who recently was sued by former longtime boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa, won a lawsuit in Barcelona but still has to pay up.

A Spanish judge dropped the case against Shakira, but ordered the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer to pay the former workers just $743.93, a sum much higher than the $12,000 Shakira offered the plaintiffs when they were let go by the singer. Each plaintiff was seeking $250,000 each. 

The employees, Divier Hernández y Maritza de Avila, claimed the Colombian singer owed them money after they worked long hours and allegedly weren’t paid for their work, according to TV Notas, and Colombian media outlets Radio Santa Fe and El Tiempo.

They also claim their famous ex-boss fired them for no reason.

The case took place in Barcelona, Spain where Shakira resides with her soccer star boyfriend Gerard Piqué and their baby boy Milán.

Radio Santa Fe alleges that the former workers were trying to blackmail the superstar by saying that if she didn’t pay them they would release a sex tape they claimed they had. The employees, TV Notas said, claimed they somehow taped Shakira and Piqué having oral sex.

The judge dismissed the threats stating that "not even minimal evidence" was "presented to support the existence of such threats," according to El Tiempo.  

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