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Miss Alabama Katherine Webb becomes star of the BCS title game

  • Katherine Webb YouTube 660.jpg

    Katherine Webb is shown in the audience at the BCS game. (ESPN)

  • Katherine Webb AP 660.JPG

    Miss Alabama Katherine Webb is shown. (AP)

  • Katherine Webb Reuters 660.JPG

    Katherine Webb is pictured among the Miss USA 2012 contestants. (Reuters)

Following BCS title game, it’s not Alabama's blowout of Notre Dame that’s the talk of the town, it’s the Alabama quarterback’s beauty queen girlfriend.

AJ McCarron is currently dating the reigning Miss Alabama ,Katherine Webb, and while last night’s 42-14 yawner failed to keep fans on the edge of their seats, Webb managed to keep fans, Twitter users, and one announcer in particular, entertained.

ESPN announcer Brent Musburger, 73, seemed to perk up when the camera panned to the audience and focused on Webb. He introduced her as McCarron’s girlfriend and called her a “lovely lady.”

"You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women," Musburger said, referring to Webb. "What a beautiful woman."

Following his musings, the Twitterverse exploded with posts, mostly agreeing with Musburger.

“By far the best part of the #BCS game and my MVP is KatherineWebb!,” one user tweeted. “WOW! Roll Tide indeed! AJ is #blessed!”

Webb, who reportedly had a very modest Twitter following before the game, gained more than 100,000 followers after the Alabama win.

“So extremely blessed...,” she wrote following the game. “Congrats to Alabama and making history! #BCSChamps”