Report: Lindsay Lohan's entire team behind botched weekend intervention; dad seeking conservatorship

Michael Lohan was not alone in orchestrating an emergency intervention on daughter Lindsay Friday, and TMZ has seen emails proving that her entire team, including her lawyers and her manager, were 100 percent on board.

The emails are between Michael, Evan Hainey (LiLo's manager) Dave Feldman (entertainment lawyer) and Shawn Holley (criminal defense lawyer). 

The emails were sent between Sept. 23rd and Oct. 18th (the day before  Michael's intervention).

Michael emailed Evan and Shawn on Sept. 23, claiming he had been informed by several people Lindsay was "drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day" adding, "I have seen the empty bottles and even cocaine in her room at Chateau."

Michael continues: "She is again, taking pills to keep her up and to sleep (adderall)!! I even know that she is and was drinking during work as far back as Liz and Dick!"

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Michael then pleads, "I am asking you to PLEASE PLEASE find a way to get her to LA toward the end of the first week of October or the beginning of the second so we can do an intervention and FINALLY end this madness!"

LiLo's manager Evan responds the same day to Michael and Shawn: "I am hearing the same things." Evan continues, Lindsay will fly back to L.A. Oct 15th -- and they should plan an intervention for that week.

Lindsay's lawyer Shawn responds unequivocally: "Let's do it."

On Oct. 12th Michael and LiLo's entertainment lawyer, Dave, sent multiple emails to each other -- planning a conference call with a well-known interventionist named Earl Hightower.

Then on Oct. 18th (the day before the intervention) Michael sent an email to Evan revealing a plan to confront Lindsay at her Beverly Hills home.

According to text messages from Oct 19, which we have also seen, the group decided Michael would confront Lindsay first, and everyone else would show up afterwards.

TMZ broke the story that the emergency intervention floundered. Michael showed up to Lindsay's house, but she turned him away and called the cops, who put the kibosh on the whole thing.

But Michael Lohan is not done. Now he is planning to go to court in an attempt to get a conservatorship for Linday.

Michael has told an attorney, his daughter is in the danger zone, a substance abuser, he says, who is hanging with the wrong group of people, including her mother Dina Lohan.

Michael will meet with lawyers early this week, and and says he will not become Lindsay's conservator, because he doesn't want to run her finances so people will pass it off as a money grab. TMZ reports Michael wants the judge to decide who to appoint conservator, but he says it can't be Dina.

Michael told the lawyer the first thing he will do if there's a conservatorship is convince the conservator to send Lindsay to rehab, without the influence of the other people in her life. 

 Michael says every time Lindsay has been to rehab -- including at Cirque Lodge and Betty Ford -- "She went in dirty and didn't come out clean," and he blames it on the people in her lives who helped fuel her addiction.

Michael also told the lawyer he wants the conservator to somehow convince Dina that they need family therapy. He says Dina has always refused it in the past, and it has been a big stumbling block in Lindsay's recovery.

Lindsay and her mother Dina are trying to get a restraining order against her father.

Lindsay feels the only way to stop her dad from pulling his crazy stunts is to get a judge involved.

TMZ reports Lindsay will fly to NYC this week to meet with the rest of her family -- and they'll figure out how to get the stay away order.