‘The X Factor’: Jennel Garcia Electrifies, Jessica Espinoza Flops

Jennel Garcia, 18,  turned up the heat with her rendition of Gavin DeGraw’s “Sweeter.”

Jennel Garcia, 18, turned up the heat with her rendition of Gavin DeGraw’s “Sweeter.”  (Fox )

It was sink or swim on the first boot camp episode of “The X Factor,” as Jennel Garcia and Jessica Espinoza both stood out for different reasons. 

Garcia, 18, wowed the judges during her first audition, singing a sensual rendition of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals “If I Was From Paris.”

On Wednesday night, Garcia did it again as “The X Factor” took off in Miami.

The petite, soft-spoken singer turned up the heat with her rendition of Gavin DeGraw’s “Sweeter,” which the judges absolutely loved.  

“Very Spicy,” music producer and executive L.A. Reid told “The X Factor” creator Simon Cowell, who told Garcia that he remembered her previous audition “pretty well.”

“I’m feeling excited and nervous all at the same time because you never know what they are looking for,” Garcia said. “I don’t remember my first audition, it was like a dream.”

Former Disney starlets Demi Lovato and Britney Spears were once again enthralled with Garcia's sensual dance moves and confident persona on stage.

“Crazy sex appeal!” said Lovato.

Despite the positive feedback, the Rochester, MA, resident was struggling with being at the boot camp on her own.

“I’m here by myself because I am an adult now,” said Garcia. “My parents couldn’t come with me. It’s the first time that I have been away from my parents. It’s hard but it is time to grow up.”  

Unlike Garcia, fellow Latina Jessica Espinoza’s boot camp audition did not turn out well.

The Texas singer made a statement during the first auditions singing P!nk’s heart-wrenching song “Nobody Knows” as her tear-eyed friends and family watched her perform near the stage, far from the days of struggle to make ends meet for her and her loved ones.

Yet, this time around Espinoza left the judges scratching their heads, as she sang Whitney Houston’s “When You Believe.”

“You are one of the only people in this competition that I remember their first and last name,” said Lovato. “I’m pretty disappointed,” Lovato told Cowell minutes after Espinoza concluded her boot camp audition. “She’s not as good as I remember.”

Spears, Reid and Cowell were also seen with confused faces as Espinoza performed. Still, the San Antonio contestant thought she did “pretty well.”

“I don’t want to go back home and tell my family I wasn’t good enough, or I didn’t try hard enough for you,” Espinoza said. “I don’t want to go home and disappoint anyone.”