'The X Factor': Demi Lovato to Gene Simmons’ Daughter: You are Special

Sophie Tweed Simmons

Sophie Tweed Simmons  (FOX )

It was all about rock star royalty on “The X Factor” Wednesday night.

Sophie Tweed Simmons, the daughter of KISS rock star Gene Simmons, showed she has the pipes to become the next big superstar, singing her rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele, a song originally written by Bob Dylan.

Simmons, 19, had previously showed off her singing abilities on the Simmons family reality show “Family Jewels.” But going on “The X Factor” for her meant stepping out of the shadow of her famous father.

“I really just want to step out of being the daughter of the guy from KISS,” Simmons said. “I want to be my own person and hopefully this is the way to show the world who I am.”

“I grew up with music, but I did not want to sing ever before because I did not want my dad’s help with it,” she added.

Despite having the judges tell her they enjoyed her performance, they did not hold back constructive criticism for the famous contestant.

“I just think that if you got a little bit more control, you could be really, really great,” said Demi Lovato, who also told Simmons “there is something special about you.”

Music producer L.A. Reid told the rock star’s daughter that he “didn’t quite get the chill bumps” he would have wished to get after listening to her sing, while pop princess Britney Spears thought Simmons had “an amazing voice.”

“The X Factor” creator Simon Cowell thought that Simmons has great potential.

“I think you have a very interesting tone to your voice,” said Cowell. “I like the fact that you took on this song. You made it your own version. That is the way to do it.”

While Reid voted for Simmons not to move on to the next round, Lovato, Spears and Cowell gave Simmons three green flags.

“It’s a yes,” said a smiling Cowell. Still, he warned her to have “a lot of practice for the next part.”

“I did not expect to want it that bad until I got out there. I’m excited to move forward as myself,”said a tear-eyed Simmons.

“I want to prove to myself that I have talent and that I have ‘The X Factor’ and that I can do this. It’s not about my dad’s band or my mom. It’s about me. I am just excited to show that.”