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Elizabeth Hurley's Beauty Secrets for Women Over 40

Elizabeth Hurley shares her simple tips for glowing skin.


You can look stunning at any age, and no one proves that more than Elizabeth Hurley. We caught up with the star and got some of her go-to beauty secrets. Check out the video above to hear what she has to say!

Q: What are some of your fool-proof skincare tips?

Hurley: I think I'm lucky because I'm now in my 17th year with Estée Lauder and I started working for them when I was 29, so I've had very good products. And I think the biggest thing I've learned is to use as much moisturizer as you possibly can, and never sleep with the window shut, and never sleep with central heating, and go outside as often as you can if you live in an environment where there's any kind of circulated air.

Q: What are your tips for moms on the go?

Hurley: Well, I mean, that's my life. It's challenging. I think we have to get into bed earlier so we can set our alarms a bit earlier so you have time to get up, brush your hair, moisturize your skin, and put on a small amount of makeup. And leave a lot of time at bedtime. If you've been very stimulated, whether its from stimulants like caffeine, or by watching the news, which sometimes isn't very relaxing, I think it can disturb your sleep patterns.