Mindy McCready welcomes new son; said before she was expecting twins

On Monday morning country singer Mindy McCready welcomed a new baby boy into the world, and named him Zayne.

"Zayne is truly a blessing and a joy," said McCready and boyfriend David Wilson in a statement. "It was a long and trying pregnancy; we're so happy he's here. There are no words to convey how happy we are."

Usually that's the end of a celebrity baby announcement. But not this time. Because in November 2011, McCready confirmed to news outlets that she was five months pregnant ... with twins!

So what happened?

"At the time of the initial announcement surrounding Mindy's pregnancy, in consideration of her size, Mindy was certain she was carrying twins," her rep told E! Online. "A misinterpreted sonogram seemed to support her feelings and excitement."

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At the same time of the alleged misinterpreted sonogram, McCready was also in a legal you-know-what storm after she failed to her return her 5-year-old son, Zander, to her own mother's custody. 

McCready had been approved by the courts to visit Zander, but not to take him from her mother, Gayle Inge, who had been named his legal guardian after McCready had been hospitalized for drug overdoses and an apparent suicide attempt over several years.

McCready was found holed up in a closet of an unoccupied summer home in Arkansas with Zander after taking her son from her mother's home in Florida.

Zander had to be put in foster care until McCready's mother could retrieve him. 

In December, a court  ruled on Zander's custody, but the results were ordered sealed by the judge.

McCreedy is the former mistress of pitcher Roger Clemens, and had an unauthorized sex tape released in 2010.