Jenni Rivera Opens Up About Drug-Addict Role in "Filly Brown"

Banda and Norteña music singer Jenni Rivera talks to Fox News Latino about her latest film role.


It had to take something pretty serious to make Jenni Rivera’s fast-paced world take a screeching halt. After all, she’s a top recording artist, stars in her own hit reality show, is constantly touring, and recently created her own perfume and clothing line.

But when doctors found a lump in Rivera’s breast during a routine mammogram exam late last year, her world came crashing down. 

“I’m a strong woman physically and emotionally and mentally, but this broke me. It was really hard,” Rivera told Fox News Latino.

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The health scare happened right in the middle of filming the second season of her hit reality series “I Love Jenni,” which debuted March 4th on mun2, but the singer refused to turn off the cameras.

 “People need to know that I’m not superwoman, that I have feelings and I cry and that I understand what a woman feels when they go through this,” Rivera said.

Rivera’s tumor was growing and had to be removed, “I wanted to show people that I can identify with this situation, that I’m a woman like everyone else, and I wasn’t exempt from it.”

Luckily, a biopsy revealed that her tumor was benign.

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On “I love Jenni” she openly tackles many other personal subjects like married life with new husband Esteban Loaiza and a career in the volatile world of entertainment, but Rivera says her children are the center of her world. 

“Everyone may think my world revolves around my celebrity or my music career or my successes. But its not like that, (my) children need attention” Rivera said. “It makes my role as a mother fulfilled.”

La Diva de la Banda, which is what Jenni Rivera is called in the Latin community, proves that you can have it all. She’s not only a dedicated mom, but her career seems to keep taking new and exciting twists and turns that can only make her stardom grow. 

This year, Rivera’s skyrocketing career will take another dramatic turn as she takes on something she’s never done before: acting.

When we sat to talk to her, Rivera told us about her role as a drug-addicted and jailed mother in the new independent movie “Filly Brown,” executive produced by actor Edward James Olmos.

“Acting was never my passion” Rivera told us “but I took the role very serious.”

Filly Brown was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival where it premiered with rave reviews.

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Rivera, 42, seems unstoppable, and she says it’s her positive thinking that has gotten her to where she is today. 

“My doctors have told me that my drive, my mental drive is very strong and I think that’s what it takes to accomplish things that I want to accomplish and not just give up along the way.” 

Rivera added,  “I need to have a vision of what I want to do. I set a goal and then I find a way to accomplish it.”

"Filly Brown" is expected to make its debut in theatres later this year.
"I Love Jenni" premiered Sunday, March 4th and airs every Sunday at 9pm/8c on mun2.

Naibe Reynoso is a freelance reporter in Los Angeles, California. You can reach her via Twitter: @NaibeReynoso

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