Dancing With the Stars: William Levy Strips to Salsa as the Audience Goes Wild

William Levy danced from his heart Monday night on "Dancing With the Stars" as he shared with the audience the most memorable year of his life.

Donning a stylish fedora and a thin guayabera shirt that brought out his defined muscles, Levy took over the dance floor. As usual, the crowd went nuts.

“Tonight is Fiesta!” Levy said.

Dancing With the Stars: William Levy Nails Quick Step                                  

Playing the Conga, Levy got the audience up on their feet and took to twirling Burke rapidly. She then snapped his shirt open and the screams of the crowd were unstoppable.

The actor then shook his hips and booty all while singing.

The judges were left with their jaws ajar.

“Well, I got to say you put a whole new meaning into free willing,” said dancing expert Len Goodman. “You’ve conquered the salsa.”

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli were excited to see Levy dance so comfortably.

“That was amazing!” Tonioli said excitedly.

Levy’s dance inspired Inaba.

“What do you say to that? I want to go to Cuba!” Inaba said with a smile. “You are ridiculous. That was ridiculously hot!”

The telenovela stud and crowd favorite talked about the hardships of living under Castro’s communist regime and how coming to the United States changed his life.

“This week, it’s all about the most memorable year of my life—1995 the year I came to America,” Levy said somberly.

Levy is then seen telling Burke that he came to America “because you have no future in Cuba,” and that he “grew up very poor.”

“It doesn’t matter how much you work in Cuba,” Levy told Burke. “It was like eight of us living in the same house.”

Burke sat quietly listening to Levy. Then old photos of him and his family members, looking quite thin, popped up on the screen.

Dancing With the Stars: William Levy Says He'll Strip for Votes, Navratilova Eliminated

“Can you imagine living on $20 a month?” Levy asked Burke, who just shook her head.

Although Levy looks quiet bulky now, it wasn’t like that when he lived in Cuba.

“In Cuba you get a quarter of a chicken per month,” Levy continued. “They give you one bread per person a day. So, it makes your life really tough.”

“When I first got here I had never seen apples,” he added. “I get to my uncle’s house, they had apples. I kept eating apples all night.”

The mood of the conversation lighted when Levy began telling Burke about “the ice cream in the Unites States.”

“On top of the pancake there is a little [bit] of butter but I thought it was ice cream,” Levy said laughing. “I was like, oh my goodness the ice cream from the United States doesn’t melt!”

William Levy Is Caliente!

Levy said he is grateful to his stepfather for his new life.

“My stepfather was a political prisoner and the United States gave him political asylum to come here,” he said. “He had the right to bring his family members, his wife and his kids. So, we got lucky.”

In honor of his life, filled with struggles and achievements, Levy chose to dance a salsa to Celia Cruz’s “La vida es un carnaval.”

“It reminds me of pretty much my life,” said Levy. “I’ve been through so many hard times and I was always trying to look for the positive.”

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